Anyone knows how to fix this? Saturday, January 27, 9: Sunday, March 4, 6: Let’s see what Maxtor has to say about this. I had not yet tried any overclocking or fine tuning. After installation, load latest Intel chipset 8. I have personally tried to do this and the only problem I did not fixed was related to the label and letter of the unit.

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We’re talking about a different family of RAID controller s and a different OS, but I note that the later firmware upgrade discussed in the thread you linked is the same firmware upgrade I was sent but haven’t yet tried. So far no useful suggestions – just ‘have you got another version of Vista you can try? Thursday, April 5, 2: Just found this forum: Thursday, March 1, 2: I have installed the drivers before making the partitions In the meanwhile, lets stick together, and keep this thread rolling.

Perhaps Intel should realize that in this case they are in fact the third party and their stuff don’t work Very annoying, as you can all relate. Help us by reporting it.


Why weren’t they able to find this sooner?

Hope it is of help for any of you, had similar problems on the ich7r as described marvekl this thread before. Who has a working vista build with modern components?

Thursday, February 8, 4: At this point, you should contact your motherboard manufacturer for further assistance with this issue. Please contact the motherboard manufacturer for additional information and troubleshooting assistance.

There is no performance gain in doing so. But so far, my Maxtor-free system is looking good. So I am inclined to the view that the Maxtors are the problem here.

Major Problem – VISTA RTM / P5WD2-Premium / ICH7R SATA RAID

This is in my Vista system running in IDE mode. I don’t know what rev. I am trying to think of a connection between all the drives that we have established to be having problems. Fellow sufferers, How to condense six hours of Vista-wrangling into just a few lines?


ethernet controller 8086 driver download

Time to bite the bullet. The whole system used to completely freeze for around 30 seconds.

Doe on my GB disks that throws up about or so errors each time! When I was running 6. Please contact your system vendor for updated BIOS.

Good luck and regards from Germany Bernhard L. Just to provide a little more detail Next part of the expirement: Dod, am in a similar situation, al be it, the problems are a bit different.

Friday, February 23, 6: Does anyone have a timeline as to when these drivers will become available from either Intel or ASUS? My gosh man; they ought to be compliant with anything that Microsoft releases.