Therefore, each transmit or receive interrupt is served immediately as soon as it appears on the interrupt line of the adapter card. If the driver detects that the system load is too high, the driver tries to shield the system against too much network load by enabling interrupt moderation. CheckLinkState Check link state only: This mode supports the same functions as the CheckLocalPort mode and additionally checks network segmentation between the ports. You can also have a look at dmesg to see if it loaded.

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Marvell 88E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Why would it be that some ppl already have it and some don’t? To try it out do the following from the command prompt: Static Interrupt moderation is applied on the adapter card. If your driver works I would be most grateful for it, however can sk98pin also give me some real simplistic instructions on how to install it, cos to be honest, I don’t have a clue.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Phil. You can grab it here. In addition to the switches inside the network, all network adapters that are to be used must also be enabled regarding jumbo frames. CheckSeg Check local port and segmentation: Assuming that static interrupt moderation is to be used, an IntsPerSec parameter value of will lead to an interrupt moderation interval of microseconds. Just type dmesg at the prompt after typing the above at check out the last couple of lines.


Possible moderation modes are: Therefore, this mode is to be used only if Gigabit Ethernet switches are installed on the network that have been configured to use the Spanning Tree protocol.

In addition, the duration of the moderation interval has a fixed length that never changes while the driver is operational. Marvell 88E Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

Setting the MTU size can be done when assigning the IP marvelll to the interface or later by using the ifconfig 8 command with the mtu parameter. It contains generic information about the adapter card plus a detailed summary of all transmit and receive counters.

This parameter indicates the duplex mode to be used for port B of an adapter card.

RPM resource sk98lin

None No interrupt moderation is applied on the adapter card. To enable large frames, the MTU maximum transfer unit size for an interface is to be set to a high value. Let me know ek98lin you go. Most of the times, their default setting is to support only standard frames with an MTU size of bytes.

Hi Phil, You may already have the driver on your system.

It denotes also common problems and provides the solution to them. If loading is finished, any desired IP address can be assigned to the respective eth[x] interface using the ifconfig 8 marrvell.

RPM resource sk98lin

If you want to try my driver I could send it to you. The Sense mode automatically detects whether the link partner supports auto-negotiation or sk98lon.


Those features are available only after installation of open source modules which can be found on the Internet: Hi Lloyd, It will be 6. It is not part of the 6. Interrupt moderation is employed to limit the maximum number of interrupts the driver has to serve.

Marvell 88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

This mode supports the same functions as the CheckLocalPort mode and additionally checks network segmentation between the ports. It is valid only for Yukon copper adapters. Ooops, meant to say it is an onboard nic, but it is Gigabit, so I am rather keen to make use of it. This parameter is used to force the preferred sk98lln to A or B on dual-port network adapters.

CheckLinkState Check link state only: I marevll try the modprobe thing just to be sure later when I get back to the PC.

RLMT monitors the status of the port.