Qty Add to Basket. The chargeris specially developed for professional use where reliability andquality are very important. Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt Suitable for use in cars and trucks. Terms and conditions apply. This plastic mount is easily installed in your vehicle, usually where the air-vents are where you simply click it between the vent and dashboard. Includes four mobile device cups.

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Selecting the optimal inteemec mobile business solution that satisfies the needs and preferences of IT, Operations and the device user has often required trade-offs: Snaps easily on or off mobile computer. The mount has two adjustable joints which allows the cradle to be angled in your preferred position.

Protection The cradle is developed to ensure that the EDA is kept in place but isstill easy to remove.

Includes four mobile device cups. There are also versions available where it is installed on the center-console.

Intermec 70 Series Accessories – Barcode Discount

This metal mount is mostly installed between the car-stereo and dashboard. If you want to mount your cradle in you car a Dashmount is a choise. Requires Power Cable Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt Suitable for use in cars inhermec trucks.


Requires Mounting Kit and power opti. Intermec CN70 User Manual. Provides connection to vehicle fuse block. Cable with in-line fuse Used to hard-wire the cradle into your vehicle.

This can be mounted in the vehicle with the included screws. Terms and conditions apply. Includes power cables and ca.


Installing the cradle To mount the cradle into the vehicle you can make use of the included rotating swivel-mount. Installation materials To install the various components.

This results in the cradle and phone always being in reach and in sight. Next-generation architecture, combined with market-leading wireless communications and data capture capabilities, delivers optimal worker productivity. Includes four auxiliary pack charge cups, capable of supporting eight battery packs.

If you don’t want to make use of the cradle’s included window-mount you could make use of a Safety-Mount. For connection of Vehicle Dock to fuse block or similar connection point. Designed to withstand the harshest vehicle vibration profiles, meet. Simply call or contact us.


Prepared for permanent installation Everything is included to hard-wire the cradle into your vehicle. This is achieved with special fixtures that keepthe EDA firmly seated on the cradle connector while driving on bumpyroads.

Qty Add to Basket. Found the same product for less? The perfect holder for the professional user. Data interface USB connection to connect the cradle to for example a fleet management system.

This heavy-duty mount is a very solid and robust mount. Includes one mobile computer cup and one auxiliary pack charge cup, capable of supporting two batter. The chargeris specially developed for intefmec use where reliability andquality are very important.