My job is to create videos that you know and love. I unbox stuff and try to make cool tech videos. You will learn through lectures and seminars. I’m a citizen of the world. Designer, Yogi and Tea Lover.

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Director of Marketing Mogreet. I tweet about social media, marketing, Brooklyn, music, pop culture, kicks, Android, and motorcycles.

Syracuse University Grad LinkedIn Lady, coach, consultant, speaker, author, linkedin, socialmedia, http: Nmj for whom English is a Foreign language We welcome applications from students whose first language is not English.

Open to new opportunities. Better than a projector, better than tracing from a screen. Maker, Collector, Breaker and Connector of things.

Poverty and hunger remain key developmental challenges, driving poor health and ill-being on the one hand and conflict and violence on the other. Work in social media and about that life.

D Link Nmu 7048 00 Driver D-link

Key topics to be discussed in the module include how to define and measure democracy and “good governance”, explanations for the emergence of democracy, theories on the survival of democracy and dictatorship, local forms of governance and democracy, aid 708 governance, trust and cooperation, the effects of democracy and dictatorship on prospects of economic development, and key challenges to democracy in the 21st century.


Tweets are my own. Views reflected don’t necessarily represent those of his employer. Article We actively support our students in finding internships work placements with development organisations in fields such as community development, environment, health, education etc.

Digital Marketing Manager for InfiniteEnergy. Having done some of the num deals in urban music, I’ve gone on to set up successful indie labels and write affordable how-to books for artists! World travelers, writers at the Living the Dream Network – http: Racecar driver from the Bay Area; driving the No.

IfIHadGlass You wouldn’t be watching my youtube videos, you’d be living them. V-link partially blind, ifihadglass I’d use it nmk augment my lack of peripheral vision, use presence apps to avoid bumping into others, etc. D-Link updates their drivers regularly. And telling your story visually. Retweets are NOT endorsements. Using tools to guide data-driven decisions, explore the creative side of mapping, and the future of learning.


I would make it count. Portland bike rider guy.

Up early for cmto Custom code boutique web design shop in Vancouver wa. Love social and strategy, all day long.

Google Glass #ifihadglass Winners

Where can I get a decent bagel around here? A multi-disciplinary approach allows us to understand the causes, consequences and responses to climate change in the 21st century. I’m also a photographer and a random person always looking for new adventure. Ifihadglass ifihadglass I would take as much video of my 3 little boys growing up in front of my eyes Google Glass would help my 4 month old twins learn about the bold new world of tech Along with 1,s of auto dealers ifihadglass [link].

I believe in the future and the ability to make our most optimistic and inspired ideas of the future a reality.