Square chip type No. Side by side array. The derated values of dissipation for temperatures in excess of 70 shall be indicated by the derating urve. Please refer to page Please contact KMY for plastic reels of mm and mm. Because it often solders two or more times.

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Isolation The maximum value of the d.

It is not a temperature of air copap of an electronic equipment, and it is necessary to compare it with the ambient temperature in the electronic equipment in which the resistor is built clpal. Please refer to Specification Reference on kamaya website. Measured resistance at T T: C monolithic integrated circuit designed as low noise More information. Figure-3 Layout of resistors near the cutting line of print circuit board. Limiting Element The maximum value of the d.

Decision copzl within 7 days Claim: It is different from the maximum current that applied to fuses, considering a long life span, the deratings are required. If SBF32 S Rated urrent is used under ambient temperature 70, Kamaya recommends, less than the current value derated as below.


Chip product situation for environment

Pattern Design To solder parts on the printed circuit board properly, it is necessary to take a careful attention in design stage. Description The LC0- transient voltage suppressor is designed to protect components which are connected to high speed telecommunication lines from voltage surges caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge. Do not heat parts as the cure temperature.

Properties Test conditions Value Dopal Tol. New line up inch and inch. R ll Resistance R ll Resistance m R 0. Resistance value will be changed by soldering condition.

Type M AWG This land pattern is not supported by the mounting evaluation. Metric Inch L H c 0.

Max, Recommendation Storing Term 6 months after shipped from factory. Insulated Precision Wirewound Resistors Axial Leads In wirewound precision resistors, the series holds a leading position in professional applications whenever an excellent stability of the ohmic 10000e.

There is a brightly colored flame option. C monolithic integrated circuit More information.

Table of Contents Technology Overview Please contact KMY for the detail of marking on the over coating. In many cases In-rush urrent is bigger than Steady-state urrent. Measured at 25 1MHz, 1 rms. Please refer to Specification Reference at the ebsite to confirm the specification for more detail.


Package in 8mm tape on 7″ diameter reel. Do not use parts detached from the print circuit board once again.


Please contact KMY Sales department for further information. R10 TP Paper Tape 5,pcs. Line up, 05 sizes resistor. Measured resistance at T R0: RLP Metric Inch e.