I’ve tried 2D view, eliminate pop up info, and pretty much everything on the mapping menu, and can’t rid the map of them. Also, I can find no mention in the owners manual of importing files from an SD card. The fact that the units will sync way points is going to save from manually entering all of the way points I have on the LMS, into the HDS. I’ll be sure to have way point sharing turned on, on both units. YOU are not entitled to what I have earned!!!!! If you’re still having problems resetting your password, contact us.

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Changing settings Flashing Between Red and Green: Way point sharing and synchronization?

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As before, any and all responses will be much appreciated. Power supply switching95 to Vac input, 24 Vdc output mA. To achieve good long distance noise immunity, 2 wires are used to carry each signal, configured as a twisted pair of cables.

Thanks, and couple follow up questions: The lms unit won’t recognize that structure map file. How do I create a serial tunnel using an ES device? And an old Eagle Fish Mark at the bow. What is a FIFO?


LMS-522C iGPS Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

Ethernet is a very fast and versatile interface but there is no “marine standard” for implementing it across vendors. Extreme temperatures can be generated in the manufacturing process, machinery can be noisy and dangerous and space is a premium.

My previous sonar set up consisted of the LMS unit mentioned, at the console. No, any recording must be done on that particular unit.

I know I’m really going to like the way point sharing the networking is going to provide. I don’t want to do that. Etgernet you can network them with ethernet and share sonar between them.

Lowrance LMSC iGPS and HDS [Archive] – Walleye Message Central

What can I expect to gain? You can control screen brightness of both units via the touch7. Basically, we are trying to understand the capabilities of this unit in conjunction with a newer HDS, if at all.

I figured if I can export and import structure map files to and from the internal memory, I could pick and choose the structure map files I’d want to use for the day, and save them to the internal memory from an SD card, and just save them back to the card, when the day was done. Is it worth doing this? Any responses will be much appreciated. How do I find out if an unusual baud rate is supported by my Brain Boxes Serial card?


The ethernet for the sonar, and the NMEA for the waypoint sharing. And hopefully you, or anyone else that may know ethernwt I can do what I am hoping to do, will reply.

As I said earlier, I am networking the two units. You will need to make sure you have the latest update on the LMS to get the sonar sharing. What etherrnet a UART? NoCAL, thank you for replying. I can not access the web configuration pages of the ES device View Answer.

I was told 32 GB. What is the difference between RS communication and RS communication?

As I said earlier, I appreciate it. The fact that the units will sync way points is going to save from manually entering all of the way points I have on the LMS, into the HDS.

Thanks again for your reply.