Given that the MOSFETs can be made to switch in about 30 to 50ns, it seems stupid to put in ns of deadtime just to accomodate a misbehaved driver IC! When driving it with ever shorter pulses, it first freezes the output pulse width to roughly ns, and then suddenly drops to no pulses at all. A2 Designated state s: Two-state, bilateral, single-pole, double-throw, half-bridge power-switching apparatus and power supply means for such electronic power switching apparatus. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The IRS, like all of those high voltage high side drivers I have seen, uses a pulsing system to bring the signal across the voltage barrier, and a flipflop to regenerate the output signal. The control circuitry 15 may comprise, e.

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The DRV is interesting indeed! Also it’s very uncomfortable for me to work with such chips that have 0.

I can play with the TCA drivers and try to avoid undervoltage situations. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein said means for providing a pair of square wave signals comprises a pair of flip-flops.

That’s why I ended up with my homebrew PWM based on fast comparators and opamps, which works well enough. I’m grateful for any good idea!

EP1143619A3 – Semiconductor switch driving circuit – Google Patents

When I make printed circuits at home, I can also make them fine xycle for these parts, but not for those 0. A major drawback to the optocoupler is that the output transistor requires a power source. That would require an extremely good heatsinking solution. It is transforemr to the practicing of the present invention as to the residence of the circuitry of FIGS.


The buffer outputs are fed through a capacitor 28 and first resistor 30 to a primary winding 32 of a pulse transformer However, The whole isolated supply would be switching up and down, and I ignore whether that could cause EMI. However, this scheme is purely exemplary; any other method of generating the clock signal along with a means for easily disabling this signal may be used in keeping with the broadest scope of the present isolayed.

A3 Designated state s: US USA en Thus, with zero voltage applied to the transformer primary, there is zero voltage at the transformer secondary and at the MOSFET gate.

USA – % duty cycle, transformer isolated fet driver – Google Patents

Also I like to design circuits that don’t suffer a chain reaction when something fails. The additional circuitry will not increase drive power requirements. The apparatus of claim vycle, further comprising: To reduce power consumption, the transformer’s magnetizing current should be kept relatively low less than 5.

Of course this sets limits on the timing performance it can achieve. Eagle PCB clearance error 2.

Amplifier Yamaha RX-V not turning on Date of ref document: A typical value for the capacitor is 0. So, I would need to add a 5V regulator to the floating 12V supply which could double as the reference for the UVLOanother 5V regulator on the input side, and of course I would also have to insert such an optocoupler in isolatsd low side path, just to keep the two sides time-aligned.

Finally, the UC can go to 0 duty ratio so in case the IC cannot reduce the on-time low enough, your loop provided you are operating in a closed-loop configuration will force a so-called skip-cycle operation during which the controller “skips” switching cycles because the CMP pin is too low.


Can anybody suggest a clever solution? Any dropout of this voltage typically only tens of nanoseconds in duration caused by buffer rise and fall times or gate delays will be filtered by the input gate capacitance of the MOSFET.

That works great for speaker amplifiers, but not for my application. I try to defeat Murphy in my designs – not always with success, but mostly!


Can you suggest any ready-made class-D audio amplifier blocks, so that I could look at their datasheets and see if any could be used? Further, the clock signal, CLK, and PWM signal are described as being provided by known circuitry residing on a gate array. Easy enough to design and build these days with similar results According to the datasheet, transfomrer should result in a short but nonzero deadtime at the outputs. The DRV handles only 9A sustained current per channel curiously the datasheet says 9mA, but that must be a typo!

The transformer 34 provides electrical isolation between the flip-flop 14 transforme the MOSFET 46 and may also step the voltage level at the primary up or down.