MagniLink S Premium 2 Article number: The application will display a message if the camera is licensed for a feature but the corresponding component is not installed. This along with “Smart Smart” makes scanning extremely fast and feature also works while text is being read out. Navigation with letter by letter will incorrectly stop the Start button icon from updating. Press F8 to get started directly from a minimized state. Navigating through settings with Tab does not work as intended. This improves the voice and creates a better audio experience for anyone listening.

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Improved stability together with ZoomText. Please note that the latest versions will be automatically installed if True Update is activated. It provides multiple functions, including speech output. Please download this version: Fix to allow setting of 16 bit color quality, which previously gave a blue camera image with screen magnifier.

This along with “Smart Smart” makes scanning extremely fast and feature also works while text is being read out. Docking station with table clamp.

Add to Gift Registry. High brightness and contrast high quality light sensitive lens. Construction with casted metal and advanced plastic materials throughout, combined with high quality technology, including the camera lens. For increased participation — in school, at work and at home! Clever accesories We offer a wide range of unique accessories that make your MagniLink S Premium 2 more useful, effective and even smarter.


MagniLink S software

Changing resolution while running ZoomText now works. The user will never worry about a strength or misplaced battery chargers. Program now works better when connected to a USB2 port. To have text read aloud enables increased reading speed as well as endurance.

SAPI voices now works correctly. Added some notifications when SuperNova is running.

MagniLink S Premium 2

Camera picture now returns when running ZoomText and the settings dialog is closed. Audrey, Aurelie, Thomas German: The studwnt line no longer gets the background color.

Free software from LVI. PCViewer now gives feedback when using the keys to change volume and speech rate.

Icon for play pause is now updated when navigating sentence and block F8 now first activates the window when it is minimized Default now sets the voice to a voice with the same language as the application. When increasing reading speed from 70 to 80 PCViewer will skip a few words.

MagniLink S Premium 2

Read Commands will in some instances conflict with other commands that are read aloud using TTS. Some visual improvements in the settings dialog.


studwnt Fix for some cameras that had an empty registry file in the camera and therefore couldnot be upgraded. Support for Windows Better coloring in the OCR image modes.

MagniLink S software

A tooltip display “Settings F9” can sometimes incorrectly appear. MagniLink S is always accessible; sets-up and is ready to use in virtually seconds.

Improved stability together with ZT Magnulink all your needs MagniLink S Premium 2 is the ultimate video magnifier for you with high demands on both quality and mobility.

The application now remembers its position after a restart. Fix for incorrect PDF manuals from the start menu.