Thanks for the patience and help. PC B performs a serial read from the port Zigbee B is connected to and there for reading the transmitted data. Can anyone with networking knowledge guide me here. Traditionally, utilities representatives manually read meters, which results in limited and inaccurate data. Sorry for my vague answer but XBee is not an area I know that well. I know that it’s going to be plugged in to COM3.

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I have done the above steps that you told me and it was very helpful.

how to send data from one Xbee to another Xbee on labview? – Digi Forum

The exact same way. You may need to use the Advanced Serial Write and Read if you need to set the termination character for VISA to use so it knows when a response from the device has finished. With one of them, you use a Call Library Function Node and not the serial functions. Hello i am working on a project and we want to transmit an image using ZigBee.

U can send data to xbee from labview in two ways.


Zigbee compatibility – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

You may want to peruse some zigbre those hits. The WMCS is ideal for many applications in the field of electrical distribution networks including labgiew management systems, transformer monitoring systems, outage management systems, substation automation, and energy auditing.

I found this article very useful http: Message 8 of Message 7 of Bookmark and Share Share. I’ve checked the resources on the Learning Center and perhaps I’m just blind but I cannot find anything on there that pertains to my question and none of the online courses I’ve seen have anything on VISA programming with the Zigbee module if that’s actually what I need to do. I zibee want to do exactly the same thing except for one tweek: Message 9 of Welcome to Digi Forum, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.

The other method is to use a termination character. Also, if I from PC click on turn off, the logic zero will be sent to that hardware inorder to stop communication.

There is no protocol for instrument identification over serial.

Please log in or register to add a comment. Message 5 of We created a WMCS for utility companies to remotely communicate with energy meters and other devices without human intervention.


Hence, from this hardware I can wire it to a Microcontroller to begin transmitting. Message 5 of On the internet I found this: This could then be picked up and used by a microcontroller.

When you plug it in for the first time, you will be prompted for the driver. Lots of them out there for free. Would I require any other device to interface with labview.

If your micro is constantly transmitting, then you can open any terminal emulation program ,abview the pc, set the com parameters, and see ‘something’. All of this is completely devoid of a computer.

Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Create a Wireless Monitoring and Control System

Do you have the programming documentation for the Zigbee? Message 1 of SO what do you guys suggest and feel on this? I hope this is clearer. Who is Laview Instruments?