This error can occur when Windows encounters an internal overflow of the stacks used by bit Windows device drivers. Or if you want to install network drives. In addition, you must install an upper memory block UMB provider. The mem programm fits our needs. On some computers, specifying this switch may have no effect or cause EMM to identify upper memory areas as available when they are not. If you never have touched your autoexec. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET’s great community.

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If size is greater than a value set as memoryEMM uses the value specified by size. For example I have installed two sound cards.


Additional expanded memory may be allocated if required and if available but the minimum is guaranteed. If you want to use DOS, smartdrive can be of use for you.

Programm output however is of course not disabled. If the information in quotations above was otherwise different, report what you copied down in a thread to this message. Valid values are in the ranges h through 9C00h and Ch through EC00h, in increments of h. Here’s the registry reg content in that area.


This can relocate your files physically on your hard disk. Please try again now or at a later time. Also pressing the F8 or Ctrl key appropriately for either version during a reboot will process the startup menu for making selections. But some of this memory is reserved, so we have to tell emm which part it can use.

SYS will load its default. The hurry started inwhen Windows 3. Normally you should have some close looks on every now program you install. SYS, save your changes. Track this discussion and email me when em3m86 are updates.

Setting Up an “EMS” Configuration with EMM

At first you have to know that this file instalk a normal batch file. Reset Post Submit Post. If you do not want to use 4DOS, leave this line out.

Each em386 starts with a key word in brackets []. So delete them Keep your Hard Disk tidy! I suggest that you order your file in the way that set, prompt, path etc.

How do you install EMM

Proffitt Forum moderator June 29, Unable to Control A20 Line! Unless you want to use EMM to provide access to the upper memory area, you need not specify memory switches on the device command line.


But some years later everybody was able to purchase graphic adapters that could display bitmapped graphics. The following list shows each value and its associated base address in hexadecimal format: So the biggest driver should be loaded first. SYS file entries are now provided by default in IO.

Error message “EMM386 not installed” during windows bootup

By disabling this option you will get the command line at startup and can start windows easily by typing “win”. A sound blaster 16 and a gravis ultrasound.

Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Thank you for your help. If any applications requires expanded memory or you want drivers loaded into the high memory area, EMM All programs listed here are drivers and tsr programs currently loaded.