Did you get it for a reasonable price, or was the seller trying to get some crazy price due to the low page count? Make sure the paper size you select with your application software matches the size paper in selected paper source. A blank page could be included in your print job. Recently, I did a Craigslist search. Only 9 pages printed, too. A specific font was requested; however, the font is not installed.

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Paper has jammed inside the printer. The kit is required for the addition of the 4MB flash memory to existing 12R.

IBM LaserPrinter and LaserPrinter

Hold down “Alt” while you press “Print Fonts”. The LaserPrinter is designed, through integrated network adapter options, for attachment to Token-Ring and Ethernet local area networks, and networks with the Appletalk Network Interface. Installation Lasser diskette with printer drivers is provided with the IBM LaserPrinter printer for ease of software installation for the Average or Advanced Network administrator. Laaer was an error in the information that defines a character header in the font.

The printer comes pre-assembled with print cartridge and paper tray already installed. A Printer Setup Utility and drivers for several popular software applications are also included.


Did you get it for a reasonable price, or was the seller trying to get some crazy price due to the low page count? Models 6 and Press and hold “Display More”. The printer received a Stop command from your software. Is toner for it easy to find and cheap? Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The many resident scalable fonts and optional font capability with expanded flash memory enhance the appearance of the user’s documents.

I used to have one as well before I switched to the LaserJet 4Mplus about ten years ago. Install the card that contains the pribter font.

IBM 4019 LaserPrinter and 4029 LaserPrinter

A paper jam has occurred inside the printer. I haven’t printed anything with it in 2 years. Open the top cover and remove any jammed paper. The IBM LaserPrinter offers performance advantages over the traditional approach of sharing printers attached to file servers, dedicated personal computer print servers, or attached to an individual user’s workstation.

The printer is out of paper, paper has not fed properly, or manual feeding is requested.

Press “Select” to reset the main, paper, and font menu settings. If the top cover is closed, open it and make sure the print primter is installed correctly label side up. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since Business Solution Customer can add The printer to their existing Novell NetWare Server or networks as their printing needs increase.


The IBM LaserPrinter Series are compact desktop letter quality printers which use non-impact laser electrophotographic printing process. The expandable memory up to 16MB can lawer productivity with improved performance achieved by facilitating scalable font cache, images, and forms stored in the printer memory. The printer has received a Stop command from your software.

Press “Main Menu” until [Interface] is displayed.

In my day I have purchased 3 laser printers new. Print quality for image intensive documents is greatly enhanced through x DPI printing. The IBM 12R plus is designed for fast, easy setup. I was able to find the parts I needed, and scavenged parts from an otherwise dead The printer engine speed of the Model 12R plus is up to 12 pages per minute.