In the event of a power failure, reel motors are designed to maintain tension and gradually decelerate instead of stopping abruptly, helping reduce tape breakage, stretching, or loose tape wraps during a sudden power outage. Product life cycle dates. The L2U TS is also sold via several express model codes as well. This feature is available in only select countries. These products constitute excellent tape storage solutions if you have an existing digital linear tape experience or require high-performance automated tape backup. Path Failover Transparent LTO Encryption The TS and TS offer an optional path failover feature that enables the host device driver to resend the command to an alternative control path for the same logical library to ensure smooth library operations if there is a communication error. Ultrium 5 cartridge compatibility:

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Feature is required with the feature Dual-stage channel head skew actuator: Additional copies are available.

Family +03 IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Express Model L4U

Microsoft Windows is required. The L2U TS is also sold via several express model codes as well.

Power management – The Ultrium 3 Tape Drive power management function is designed to control the drive electronics to be either completely turned off or to be in a low-power mode when the circuit functions are not needed for drive operation.

Jbm drivers may be downloaded from the following website ftp: IBM maintains the latest levels of System Storage tape drive and library device drivers and documentation on the Internet. This helps allow you flexibility in SAN configuration, availability, and management. The fourth-generation drive electronics are designed to provide error correction of soft errors in the memory arrays in data and control paths.


This is achieved by increasing the linear density, the number of tape tracks, and the media length.

Warranty & Support

These products constitute excellent tape storage solutions if you have an existing digital linear tape experience or require high-performance automated tape backup. Optional features available include a rack mount kit, an additional power supply, additional removable cartridge magazines, transparent LTO encryption, path libraey, additional drives, attachment cables, interposers, and power cords.

Tape media LTO Ultrium tape drives support the following backward compatibility for previous generations of tape media: At least one SAS cable must be specified on the initial plant order. Larger internal data buffer: The drive uses some of the most robust components available, such as steel ball bearings in loader, robust leader block design, and single circuit card, to help enhance reliability and prolong the life of the drives.

None Maximum number of features: It is designed to give you flexibility of tape library management and unattended save, archive, or restore operations. Actual degree of compression achieved is highly sensitive to the characteristics of the data being compressed. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Get librwry, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Refer to the following Web site: The tape itself is an advanced metal particle tape developed for durability and capacity.


The TS Tape Library is an excellent solution if you use tape or require linrary larger-capacity or higher-performance tape backup with or without random access.

Software requirements For a current list of host software versions and release levels that support the TS Tape Library, and compatible software, refer to the following website http: All new IBM tape device drivers will only be posted to the web through the Fix Central download portal and not through the ftp site.

The following table lists currently available FC rack-mount switches that are offered by Lenovo that can be used in TS and TS solutions.

No Minimum number of features: Communication between the drive and the LTO-CM is via a low-level radio frequency field transmitted by the drive to the cartridge. You may order additional right side magazines as an option.

IBM L2U TS Tape Library

The case is specially designed for use in automated libraries and is designed for repeated, unattended handling. The TS is designed for the heavy demands of backup or archive tape storage. The compressed ratio is up to 2. With the addition of the librxry bar code reader, you will be able to operate the TS as a random access tape library with labeled media.