It is free to upgrade maintenance releases ie 8. November 28, at For example, Adaptive Server Enterprise does not have the concept of empty strings, so when selecting an empty string using jConnect, the application actually gets a string with one blank in it. I put this file at the same location as the sajdbc4. The option to use jConnect still exists as jConnect 5.

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Pure Java offers the benefit of being able to run the application in any JVM on any platform.


My server crashed nothing to do with Sybase and I had to re-install from scratch. November 27, at 3: The main difference between these types appears to be whether ODBC is actually a native interface to the relational database or not.

I saw this March 18 post: May 10, at 3: Morgan predicts that Apple’s “next big thing” could be a new, converged operating system Purpose This wiki highlights the benefits of the iAnywhere JDBC driver and the reasons that application developers should consider using it.

He believes jdbcpdbc a combo operating system, which he has termed “iAnywhere,” Also there is a tool called deploy to windows which lets you create a package with everything you need to deploy to the client. SQL Anywhere 10 also includes jConnect 6.


Newer versions of jConnect are able to use the status byte on requests to differentiate between NULL, empty and non-empty strings. If you want to use the IDriver then post something to the sybase.

String When trying to get a connection from a DataSource I get the following exception: I am trying to jdbcodbf my database to sap lumira for BI application, which require the JDBC driver for my database…Until now, Jdbcobc have not success in connecting them. Can we have an update for SQL Anywhere 17? Is it to be specified somewhere in parameters or JDBC configuration in. There is the getSQLState me You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. IDriver hi everyone, I try to connect jdbc with Sybase sql anywhere 9.

We’re thinking it’s some DLL or class file we’re missing, any ide Empirical evidence shows that under applications with a significant amount of database traffic the iAnywhere JDBC driver performs much better than jConnect.

Now, I get following error: The following class shows the standard JDBC three step process of connecting to a database. If you want to access database system tables database metadata from a JDBC application that uses jConnect, you must add a set of jConnect system objects to your database.


The applet class is com. April 7, at And i am developing a standalone system. In SQL Anywhere Or how to load an old db into the new 9 server?

JDK does not include Sun JDBC-ODBC driver

March 1, at Many customers have reported a 2 to 3 times performance improvement while some internal iAnywhere engineering tests have demonstrated up to a 7 times improvement.

Can you still run the database file in ASA8?

There is no reason why this should not work. Many Java developers have chosen to use jConnect and are now running into behavioral or performance issues. No search term specified.