Go to the pipes between the tanks to grab the package. This is a cold-blooded murder type of mission. Before starting a Rampage, switch your weapon to one of the same weapon class as the weapon of the Rampage to avoid losing weaponry. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake cheat listed above. Sprint up and down the road letting the game load more gangsters. From there, go south, take the second right, and follow it as it curves south and ends at a T intersection. Again, make the first delivery to the customer who’s the farthest away and take care of the rest on your way back to the pizza store.

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Go to Colonel Cortez’ party Pier 2. No worries–staying close to the burning vehicle will not cause your truck to explode.

HP 64 – Fly due west, land on the cobblestone waterfront, and look on the NW corner of the lot. If you’d rather do that than get killed, get into any vehicle and sit tight till a cop opens the door and busts you–easy as pie. HP 13 – Grab the package that is rotating on top of the aforesaid building.

Go into the terminal of Escobar International airport. In this job, you play the role of an unofficial cop. After miswion the mission you ought to go to the first destination– Rafael’s clothes shop.


Use any vehicle you want in most cases. Pick up the Bribe icon on the corner to the north to clear 1 star.

Use any vehicle to take him to the location. The Hidden Package is rotating in the room behind that wall. Aim at each gang member’s chest and use all your sniping skills to complete the mission. All other marks, trademarks, service marks, brand or product names, and copyrights contained in this FAQ are only owned by their respective holders.

Go down the steps that lead down to a closed door.

GTA: Vice City Mission #42 – The Driver – PC Walkthrough

You now own the Rhino. Try to avoid flipping by using the advice mentioned earlier. Look in the corner of the signs for it and find the package. After changing your outfit, you will notice that the game encourages you to steal a Freeway Harley Davidson Shovelhead ’76 motorcycle. You’ll appreciate how helpful this is when doing the story missions and Rampages later. Go to the Vice Point area–the next two missions will be done there.

It’s easy, because you get used to the mission just from doing it. Now your job is to put out burning people–yeah, you’re a fire fighter now. Don’t bother getting rid of wanted ratings.

GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #42 – The Shootist

It is applicable while you’re in moving, too. The radar will show you the location of hospital you departed from. Mission 21 – Shakedown. Actually, now you’re standing between 2 swimming pools. After being briefed by Diaz, make your way to the house mentioned.


GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #42 – The Shootist – 百度视频

You will be hinted to chase him with a Sanchez Yamaha DT dirt bike ” Drive up missin steps, park by the ledge on the north side of the entrance, jump on your vehicle use your vehicle as a stepand jump on the lawn be careful not to touch the Rampage icon. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Sunshine auto washington car help.

Go to the base of the western side of the northern end of it to get the package. The unfortunate thing is you can only carry 6 pizzas at a time in your moped, so starting with level 5, you have to cigy a second trip during the level to collect another 6 pizzas from the shop. If you can learn rhe handle this experience, you should be able to learn to handle any type of vehicle in the game.