If the mouse does not work after that, the receiver or the mouse may be defective. This is a gorgeous mouse. Open a terminal, and run xev from the command line. Email Required, but never shown. So, you can set physical button 9 the bottom thumb to scroll down.

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Inappropriate ioctl for device [ There is no Evoluent driver, but the VerticalMouse still has basic functionality. You have to get use to a vertical mouse. Hit Ctrl – c to end the test. Bottom button — back Thumb button — forward.

Turning off logo light on VerticalMouse 4 wired models Earlier VerticalMouse 4 wired models have an illuminated logo that cannot be turned off. Both mouses must be in USB ports.

Evoluent Mouse with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10

Now when I move my mouse or click, I get output in that terminal telling me what happened. They seem to be organized for browsing the web, but I want mine to match my style for writing code in emacs.

Is your mouse still detected? Later production units do not disconnect as long as the system is on.

They do not have a physical button. The lights, the chrome, the shape, all conspire to make it an eye-catcher. Impressively, Evoluent use “environmentally-responsible” packaging. How have you found it? The mouse surface must be completely flat for proper tracking. If you want to make the bottom-thumb button be left click, and leave all the other buttons the same, you run:.


For example, in this situation I want button 10 lower thumb button to act like it is the standard button 8 which is Thumb1.

Using the Evoluent VMCR C Series Vertical Mouse with Linux – Terence Eden’s Blog

Learn how your comment data is processed. On VerticalMouse 3 rev 2, press the button on the bottom of the mouse until the light is blue.

Before connecting Evoluent VerticalMouse, go to the Applications folder to find and remove any existing Evoluent Mouse Manager and any other mouse software, except touchpad drivers, to mousf software conflict.

Bottom button — right click Upper thumb button — back Bottom linjx button — no function without driver. Back it does undo the previous action and in firefox page back thanks in advance, im still using maverick but probably natty within a week.

Advanced Linux Mouse Configuration Made Easy – Evil Coding Monkey

CAD programs typically use a middle click for panning. Press and quickly release F12 as normal F But it’s not the end of the world.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Evoluent Mouse 4 linux irrundauswege. I know that it have been few years sinse the original post, but for those who will find this artickle when searching for how to turn off the LED on Vertical Mouse 4 I’ll put the answer from the manufacturer’s site here:. Here’s all three of my mice playing together.


Insert the receiver into a USB port, preferably directly on the computer. After install is finished, button functions may be changed by clicking the E icon in System Preferences to open Evoluent Mouse Manager.

I also want button 9 the roller click to act like is the standard button 2 which is the middle click. I have the wired mouse at work and the wireless version at home… and the button mappings are different, which is enough to make me insane.

The list of buttons and what they are mapped to can be seen with replacing 11 with you mouse ID you got above: The chrome on the VM4R looks lovely – but I wonder how long it will remain pristine.

You may need to reboot your computer for the new settings to take effect.