Can’t Find a Specific Drive Plug-in? This did not give me anything on the “data” variable. For example, you will have one subVI that will initializes the instrument. Here is what I tried also which did not work either. Could I use either or neither?

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Hello JMJ, Here are my answers to your questions: What is your opinion on lbview matter? Here are the links: How to connect the 73xx inhibit and command signal outputs to third party dr Motion Control and Motor Drives. I have been having difficulty contacting the Elmo support staff.

As a labvew, could you post the XML file in question so that I could look through it? Or does the mode status register have to be changed?

Message 4 of 4. I’m not familiar with this drive, but am familiar with ethercat.


Using EtherCAT Motion Drives with NI Real-Time Controllers

Some other command may actually ask for the instrument to write back some data. Motion Control and Motor Drives. I am aslo using thee RS line.

There is an object called ReadSDO which I used for accessing one of the registers, and it had four options. I am going to use a Bassoon servo drive from Elmo Motion Control to control a voice coil. COuld you kindly help me? Elmoo helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Elmo Gold Whistle driving motor – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

The most useful appeared to be the following:. Contact your local NI Sales Representative here. Back labvjew Top 6. Proulx National Instruments www. Does an Instrument Drive for Elmo products exist?

This subVI may send 1 to 5 or more commands, depending on what you need to initialize your instrument. You can learn more about NI SoftMotion here.


Motion Control and Motor Drives – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

A good starting point is the serial read and write example. LabVIEW snapshot is also attached. Back to Top 4. Motion Control and Motor Drives: For example, you will have one subVI that will initializes the instrument. Normally, when connecting to labvidw party drives I refer people to the Developer Zone Article: Motion Control and Motor Drives: Is it possible for me to communicate with the Basic Serial Read and Write example and not develop an Instrument Drive?

If I don’t write an Instrument Drive will I have limited capabilities? Message 3 of 4.