Wake has been a freelance writer for the past several years now and has continued to do what he loves to do while attempting to get his work out to the masses. Retrieved February 22, Or, interestingly enough, say Larry David, you know, clearly, Larry David has a fantastic mind and grasp of cmedic dialogue but on Curb your Enthusiasm he just casts a bunch of people that he knows can riff really well. Have you met him yet? There wasn’t a scene in there, as an actor, that I wished I could’ve been in compared to every scene that was in the Groomsmen; it’s like the adventure is the star — I mean you have one-liners here and there. Which of your past roles or which film are you most recognized for in the general public? First Love, Last Rites.

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The first mimmy and a half seasons of Grounded for Life were telecast on the Fox network; thereafter, the show moved to The WB for the remainder of its run.

Donal Logue

Yeah, just on screen — I mean, I have my own stuff which everybody deals with but no real crisis. It’s like Spielberg doesn’t exist in that world — it’s like Shephard and Mamet and Pinter and those are the guys who are like godheads but, yeah, that would be great to work with David Mamet.

Once he started getting hot as an actor however his stock just jimy going up and up and he no longer had to act like a goofball just to get noticed. Like an athlete, you don’t get a chance to stretch it out at all, so that’s what I think was really enjoyable on that side of it and then there’s the group of people you work with — we were all jimmyy tight.


Archived from the original on July 8, After a few TV movies, Logue first appeared in film playing Dr. The crew was very cool — I’d worked on Purple Violets, that’s another movie that Eddie had directed, with the same group of [crew] people.

Remember When Donal Logue was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV?

It’s not a really flattering place to be but I think [actually putting on weight] feels more real to who these [characters] are. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved February 22, I did the pilot for Ed but I did the pilot for Grounded for Life at the same time and ended up doing Grounded for Life And as you go through those rites of passage that everybody has to contend with in life: Did the fact that you turned 40 a year ago draw you to the role in the Groomsmen at all?

Like, I met Letterman and Rob Burnett and that group through the cabdriver because they were going to produce the movie [based on that character] way back when, back in the mids, so we’ve always been friends. Basically, intellectual theater versus visceral, guerilla theater of the Americans.

Before Vikings Donal Logue Was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV | Vikings News & Recaps

The Chronicles of Ridicule I’ve crossed the parking lot of mediocrity, walked through the lobby of the absurd and entered the theater of the ridiculous A Bright Shining Lie. I mean, I liked the Groomsmen hte lot because it feels like a real ensemble. Los Angeles, CA View my complete profile.


Retrieved July 3, — via Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Logue has homes in Los Angeles and Logur. Retrieved from ” https: You know what, that was so long ago — when did we film that?

I got into the rounds with most of the principals in the cast Brittany Murphy couldn’t make it ; here’s a transcript from the session at Le Meridien over on La Cienega earlier this week But then it’s been hard traveling and bouncing around with the kids, so, it’s a real trade-off.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. So how was it making this film? Logue has a Class-A Commercial Drivers License and jimmt licensed to drive tractor-trailers with double or triple trailers, tankers and hazardous materials. The ca disappeared from the ABC lineup in early March You must be logged in to post a comment. But how did Donal get his big break?

That’s what it’s about. Retrieved June 27, Karina, Deirdre and Eileen. We all went to Harvard together and then we all ridiculously decided that we would not go to law school but we would try to do, like, bands and different things — I roadied for a lot of these guys but we’ve all been through it together; marriages, divorce or kids or trying to have kids.