The conflicting notifications in question should be eliminated from your vicinity as of now. All Windows operating systems. Follow the instructions and complete the installation. With Dell Inspiron N notebooks, there is the common problem of losing a window’s focus when using the Caps Lock button. The side window should reveal many keys to choose from.

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When installed, click on the Start button, then All Programs. Once completed, Quickset as well as all other programs won’t dare steal your focus when you are using it. All Windows operating systems. But this is the best and the most effective way also you can run your pc games without hesitating. Right-click it, click Properties, and go under the Compatibility tab. Bitcoin Olck Network masternode setup and live-up with zero cost.

Sort your programs by Name and search for the Quickset entry. A registry, again, is dangerous to mess around with if you don’t know what you are doing. Press OK and close the Registry Editor.

Inspiron N5010 “Caps Lock stealing focus” Solution

But there are 4 effective ways to solve this problem. This is a real effective way as well but if you have pc games installed and playing pc games, after running a pc game, these settings resetting back to default so you have to change it again I have no idea why it causes that situation. I just heard that if you send a mail to support dell. Restarting your computer might be required.


Despite the expensive and slow transfer criticisms of Bitcoin Blockchain architecture for many years, the development locl have been a l When downloaded, open it.

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Close all open programs and restart your computer. With Dell Inspiron N notebooks, there is the common problem of losing a window’s focus when using the Caps Lock button. Click on the Uninstall a Program link.

To sum up you got: Call it QuickSetControl then double-click it to set it’s value to 1. Change the current value to “30d40” without the quotes. Press Start depl click “Run When the dialog inspirno opens, type “regedit” and press OK in order to open the registry editor. Click here and save the Tweak UI setup to your computer.

While it is optional, back up your computer. From there you can check the “Prevent windows from stealing focus” checkbox. None, but you are editing a registry, which plays a vital role in your system.


This is to ensure full compatibility in Vista systems. You Might Also Like Technology.

None, but it’s the longest process. When pressed, the notification window, which may or may not be visible, steals the window you’re using and requires you to click it again. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. inspuron

Find the Control Panel folder and open it. Follow the instructions and complete the installation. Follow the instructions and complete the uninstallation. You are free to pick the best solution which suits you but I highly recommend the 4th solution.