I’ll try to summarize. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. I have to say, even though this was already posted, this is a great editor. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Originally Posted by biohead.

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40 nm, DX11 und mehr GDDR5 bei ATI in – ComputerBase

Feel free to correct me! I’ll try to summarize.

The shock comes because ATI has consistently touted its own texture filtering techniques as superior to the competition’s, talking down the so-called “brilinear” filtering computerbawe used by NVIDIA and encouraging use of tools for IQ analysis that don’t zti the effects of ATI’s method.

We take advantage of properties of texture maps for performance and IQ gains. And try a USB flash drive as a boot drive, works no problem. Colored mip maps serve little purpose other than to show reviewers and developers where and how filtering is happening, so detection of colored mip maps would seem to be a cheat. Indeed, the essence of graphics is creating an illusion as effectively as possible, and shortcuts are big part of that enterprise.


Is this a good substitute for pencil vmods? I will need this editor to make the changes needed. First, an article at Computerbase. Such algorithms make sense, done properly, so they don’t harm image quality.

Steam names the best-selling games of What we’ve learned about ATI texture filtering Over the past few days, we’ve learned quite a bit about what ATI is actually doing with trilinear filtering. Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing I’d personally stick to Coputerbase.

PowerMagic ATI Radeon 8500 im Test: Abgesang auf die GeForce3?

Here’s a key exchange, with ATI rep answering a participant’s question:. Originally Posted by saaya. In cases where we are not able to determine that the texture content is appropriate for these techniques we use legacy trilinear filtering. Skill Memory Products G. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Next, ATI issued a response explaining the algorithm.

If not, they should make it so it does. I have to say, even though this was already posted, this is a great editor.


Originally Posted by doompc. I used the info from here.

Some of that information pertained to testing methods and image quality comparisons, and I’d like to show you what ATI said about its filtering computerbaase and about image quality tradeoffs. Originally Posted by Translation.

Anyone made bad experiance with ATi winflash? | guru3D Forums

Here’s a key excerpt from ATI’s statement:. The bios layouts are almost identical.

Skill Information and Support G. I can confirm it works like a charm with HD, with corrected checksum and Overdrive enabled. My does Mhz at 1. Looks easy at use. This is a PDF document specifically about image quality. And I wouldn’t have known about it from the other thread. It does not do checksum it appears, and looks like no memory voltage adjustment.

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