Wethinks that day just got a lot closer. We’ll even up the ante with freebies like any one of our three slick design options and a killer XPS backpack. All typographical errors are subject to correction All Items are sold as retail unless otherwise noted OEM products may be sold without packaging, documentation or other articles. For instance, you can specify which accounts have permission to play which games using the Games interface when you’re logged in as an Administrator. We ran the standard timedemo at 1 x and 1 x1 with 4x AA enabled and disabled.

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Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z40 4.0MP Digital Camera – Silver (EXZ40S)

You can use the included stylus to tap onscreen icons twainn enter text via the Graffiti handwriting- recognition software. We wi codate the fblowng component s on your Wndo.

Not to mention the cooling capability 5 ultra quiet fans to keep the system cool and quiet so the sound is crystal clear.

Why do straight lines in my images appear to be distorted? The macro shots on this came are amazing: At first glance, the changes appear no more than cosmetic, but in fact Microsoft has made significant improvements to the way the OS recognizes handwriting.

How does this benefit the end user? And you can expect full Longhorn hands-on testing sometime next year, when the first beta ships. When you save a file to certain directories— any folder in the My Documents tree would be fair game, but beyond that the files that will be part of WinFS are unknown — the OS will automatically index its con- tents and save it to the database.


Microsoft enforces compli- ance with the big PC makers by requir- ing the OS to check the motherboard ID before installing it Microsoft considers a motherboard the very heart of a PC. KpoMe Toro, sto hg tojibko npoMrpbiea- Tejib: For external use only. But while the NX bit sounds brilliant, it shouldn’t be necessary.

Plus, you can make it auto-hide, or set it to have a custom level of transparency in the above screenshot, its set twan about 30 percent. And forget about playing games on the QD that require sophisticated controls — its button layout is far too limited for anything that requires more than a few simple presses.

AKafleMnnecKan, ; m. Vector-based graphics The Longhorn desktop will be vector-based rather than bitmap-based, meaning that as resolution and zoom increase, everything will look just as good, not blocky and aliased.

Full text of “Maximum PC October “

Also, there’s no reason to go with an Intel platform except for the fact that it may overclock more than twqin AMD — I’m sure you’ve seen the performance advantage of an AMD system over an Intel system in games such as Doom hwain.

It’s an MP3 folder to be proud of! The invisible shadow volumes fill the area between the white platform and the floor outlined in yellow. The cellphone portion of the QD is strong thanks to theT-Mobile service that powered our review unit.


If we weren’t so enamored of RSS Bandit ; we’d say its ease of use was insulting to our intelligence. The enclosed image is what came out of the drive when my trembling finger hit Eject. No longer is speed the primary concern; with WGF, fx-z40 and stability are vital.


You know these boxes are fast when they can break fps at x with 4xAAon. Forcing the user to restart Windows because of a graphics crash is not an acceptable solution, as people familiar with Windows 3. The only difference between it and the DX9-level spider is the lower-resolution textures required by the MB card. Oeuastate your enemy psychologically with an unexpected flanking maneuuer. Although once the target of considerable and quite controversial “opti- mizing,” 3DMark remains a valid bench- mark of a 3D card’s performance because, while it leans on the CPU somewhat, it’s mostly a GPU test.

Other cosmetic touches that impressed us: Although we hoped to see a rig with Alienware’s upcoming dual-videocard solu- tion, the company instead sent us an Athlon 64 FX in a new proprietary water-cooled ALX case. It begs the question: It’s a heck of a lot easier to use than Windows’ search function and faster than Explorer too. Can a movie be recorded without audio? Mac and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. For instance, all the major news sites typically offer an RSS feed that includes the major headlines of the day, and the feed is updated as new stories are posted.

As it stands, the Velocity Micro is one of the loudest in the group.