In the Bourne film, even thought its fast, each cut shows something specific to the building of the sequence, there is an end result in mind that is pursued through clear, concise editing. In the case of HDV, it will take the x frame and split it into two x fields. May 5th, , LCD, plasma and TV screens can handle transmitted interlaced footage if it has to, but progressive always looks better. There is no better way to do it than the way it is done in Vegas. For anything with lots of motion and where you need to pan fast definately stick to 50i.

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Advanced connectivity for easy integration A single pin multi-connector accommodates S-Video and RSC control signals.

All times are GMT He explains in cznon why you should never shoot interlaced. Some shots are simply wonderful ie those that don’t pan or tilt and actually give a lovely sense of speed I was filming from the pit lane at times, so really close to the cars but as soon as the camera moves, for example to follow a car up the track, it all goes nasty. First of all, there is no such thing as x HD.

Canon VC-C50i

Hey, I am shooting cinema mode, with the following vanon 24Mbps LPCM 50i 25fps europe Are these the best settings for getting the most out of my c? The video will capture all the splashes as hard objects like a strobe light, while film will leave smoth softer streaks. Big mistake to go 25p! An integral LED illuminator provides a viewing range of 5i to 3 metres, showing objects which are not visible to the naked eye.


SprayStream 50i – 60i – 70i High Pressure – Zedco Solutions

To get the most out of it internally shoot pf25, 24mbps, C-LOG. As I said – test test and test.

I shot in 25p and it was an overcast and sometimes raining day. These fields are now progressive and Vegas can resize them just fine.

This provides quick and easy connectivity to other devices, for simple integration into your existing system with minimal. It’s not really natural, but many people like it including myself. Furthermore, a 12x digital zoom allows any area to be electronically enlarged for detailed examination.

CANON HF10 – Shoot 50i or 25P?

Out 50l interest, whereas the NTSC version offers 24p with a recommended shutter speed of 48 to mimic film, does this mean that PAL users should have a shutter speed of 50 for the same result? Same shooting styles, but better editing.

To playout on a PAL plasma In your post you said x pixels has a temporal resolution of 60 progressive??? The time now is DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood. For the bike race – 50i. Like the very old black and white film with 16 or 18 fps where people walk like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. August 17th, Bottom line is if you want a jitter free, bulk standard video look then shoot 50i, but if you like the ‘cine’ look of 25p and don’t do too much panning especially at tight focal lengths then go 05i it.


Originally Posted by Tom Hardwick I can understand your editor’s reaction, John If you shoot in 25p you’re only getting 25 different pictures per second onto tape. Vegas will resize interlaced footage 550i fine as long as you have a “Deinterlace method” selected in the Project Properties. If shooting PF25, be sure to interpret the footage in your DAW as progressive remove field order or you’ll halve your canno resolution. I suppose this will help separate the creative men from the boys.

Detailed Features Outstanding zoom capacity to capture every detail With a 26x optical zoom provided canoj a powered Canon telephoto lens, the VC-C50i communication camera produces extremely close-up images. I shoot at that all the time even when my output is interlaced for broadcast because shooting in 50i halves the vertical resolution when an NLE sees the flag in the metadata, so i juSt shoot 25 progressive and work from there.

Are you sure you want cwnon report this comment post user as questionable? In the case of HDV, it will take the x frame and split it into two x fields.

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