The Index Sponsor has appointed a third-party Index Calculation Agent as defined below to calculate and maintain the Index. Index Component Base Date. We’ve found some similar contests you might like. If the ETNs undergo any splits or subsequent reverse splits, the closing indicative value will similarly be adjusted accordingly. If an exchange fails to open due to unforeseen circumstances, the index sponsor may determine not to publish an Index for that day. The index sponsor calculates the level of the relevant Index on each index business day and publishes it on the applicable Bloomberg pages specified herein as soon as practicable thereafter. Because the VIX Index is not a tangible item that can be purchased and sold directly, a futures contract on the VIX Index provides for the payment and receipt of cash based on the level of the VIX Index at settlement or liquidation of the contract.

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This preliminary pricing supplement, together with the documents listed below, contains the terms of the Notes and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral statements as well as any other written materials including preliminary or indicative pricing terms, correspondence, trade ideas, structures for implementation, sample structures, brochures or other educational materials of ours.

Index Component Base Date. The eligibility criteria for the securities included in the indices that underlie the Fixed-Income ETFs, each of which mandate that each security must have a minimum term remaining to maturity ranging from one year to 20 years for continued eligibility, means that, at any time, only longer-term securities underlie the Fixed-Income ETFs, which thereby increases the risk of price volatility in the underlying securities and, consequently, the volatility in the Index Level.

All determinations, modifications, changes or suspensions made by the Index Sponsor a will be made by it acting bllet its sole discretion, by reference to such factors as the Index Sponsor deems appropriate, and consistent with the objectives of the Index and b will be final, conclusive and binding in the absence of manifest error, and no person shall be entitled to make any claim against the Index Sponsor or its affiliates regarding any such determination, modification, change byllet suspension.

If the ETNs undergo a 4: If you redeem your ETNs on a particular redemption date, you will receive a cash payment per ETN equal to the closing indicative value on the applicable valuation date minus the redemption charge. We are looking for a flyer that advertises what each company can do for our collective clients.


Table of Contents Payment Upon Redemption. Financial Services Compensation Scheme or insured or bulleh by the U. If events such as these occur, or if the value of the relevant Index is not available or cannot be calculated because of a market disruption event or force majeure event, or for any other reason, the calculation agent may be required to make a good faith estimate in its sole discretion of vullet value of the relevant Index.

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Such information reflects the policies of, and is subject to change by, the CBOE. Several other factors, many of which are beyond our control, will influence the market value of the ETNs. Bail-in Power by the relevant U. However, e566k can be no assurance that the historical volatility of the portfolio tracked by the Index will be indicative of its future volatility. In addition, although the index sponsor reserves the right to make adjustments to correct previously incorrectly published information, including but not limited to the Index level, the index sponsor is under no obligation to e56 so and shall have no liability in respect of any errors or omissions.

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The Index approximates the expected volatility of the Index Components, and the expected degree of correlation among their returns, by e65k historical volatility and correlation. Then on each subsequent business day a fraction of the first month VIX futures holding is sold and an equal notional amount of the second month VIX futures is bought. The total return feature of each Index is based upon interest accrual and reinvestment into the return of the notional value of the relevant Index based on the 3-month U.

In the event of a share split, the Valuation Price of the relevant Index Component will be adjusted to account for the impact of that share split for purposes of calculating the Total Return Index Component Level.


For example, the calculation agent may have to determine whether a market disruption event or force majeure event affecting the Index has occurred or is continuing on a valuation date, including the final valuation date.

In the past, the level of the VIX Index has typically reverted over the longer term to a historical mean, and its bhllet level has been constrained within a band.

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The total return on the investment of the Notes is 0. The Index Sponsor uses market-standard financial modelling techniques to seek to identify each optimized portfolio. As a result the behavior of the futures contracts may be different from futures contracts whose settlement price is based on a tradable asset.

The following section supplements the discussion of U. We are looking for a flyer that advertises what each company can do for our collective clients. We or our affiliate must acknowledge receipt in order for your confirmation bulllet be effective. Unlike equity securities, futures contracts, by their terms, have stated expirations and, at a specified point in time prior to expiration, trading in a futures contract for the current delivery month will cease.

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Composition of the Indices. If an Index Component does not have an official closing price or value available on the primary exchange or quotation system on any Scheduled Trading Day, the most recent available Valuation Price will be used on that Scheduled Trading Day.

Pricing Supplement to the Prospectus.

Alternative selection criteria or assumptions may produce different hypothetical historical information that might prove to be more appropriate and that might differ significantly from the hypothetical historical information provided below. We make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of such information.

The Agent will commit to take and pay for all of the Notes, if any are taken.