Page 24 Chapter 3Using the PrinterThis chapter presents the guidelines for locating your printer, describeshow to load paper, envelopes, transparencies, and thick paper in theprinter, and provides helpful hints for using the printer on a daily basisand traveling with the printer. Ink may leak out and cause stains. Always remove the sheet feeder before transporting theprinter. Did this solve your problem? Insert a single sheet of paper into the printer.

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Thenselect the Connect button to display the Connect dialog box.

Cannon BJsx USB to Parallel drivers – Microsoft Community

Starting the font listTo start printing the font list, follow these steps: SeeChapter 4, Using the Operator Panel, for complete information on thesebuttons and lights. This modegives you the fullest range of features.

If you have installed a battery pack, keep the battery switchturned off when you are not using battery power. To install the ink cartridge, follow these steps: Selecting PaperYour printer produces letter-quality output on most plain bondpapers, including cotton bond papers and photocopying papers. Close the inner cover. Hello Jim, Thank you for the update on the printfr. Usethese test prints to b the operation of the printer. Page 23 Cleaning the Print HeadThe prjnter head on a new ink cartridge needs to be cleaned toensure that you get the best possible print quality.


Kumar Replied on November 8, RyanSims Replied on November 20, Theprinter sounds a short tone for the condensed font style. The printer automatically positions thepaper so it is ready for printing. This printer does not require special ink-jet papers. USA code page rpinter Multilingual code page Chapter 7TroubleshootingThis chapter contains information to help you solve printerproblems.

Sheetfeeder does not feed correctly This could be either hardware or software. The default is pritner orientation. Remove the paper, and use paper that matchesthe specifications of the printer. This function is available onlywhen line spacing is 6 lpi or 8 lpi.

The characters in the shaded areas in the table abovechange according to the selected international character set.

If necessary, obtain anappropriate AC adapter from your Canon dealer. When printing text files, prints 2 lines on platen before feeding next sheet This problems arises when printing simple text files from dos where no page end or formfeed indication in the file.


Canon BJ-10sx Printer User Manual

If the paper printter feeds in at an angle. You can travel with additional battery packs that are fullycharged. This could be either hardware or software.

Charging it before it is fully discharged reduces the batterycapacityz Avoid touching the terminals on the battery pack. Hi Ryan, Thank you for sharing the links bi information on the forum which is much appreciated.

Canon BJ-10sx Printer

Fit the ink cartridge over the yellow mounting base withthe print head facing the back of the printer. Weappreciate your choosing this portable printer to meet your printerneeds.

Ensure that the printer is switched off correctly. Page 95 Printing CharactersFont: See Chapter 9, Installing and Using Options, for details.

We’ll be glad to assist you again. Non-condensed is the default setting.