You have now finished the setting up of the DXB plotter. Xrefs, Xclips, Dynamic blocks, Wipeouts etc. Start a new drawing. If you drawing contains non-solids, your best bet is to create a DXB file a binary file containing all the specifications of your drawing and then import that file into a new drawing. On the Import Pcp or Pc2 screen, click Next unless you want to import an existing plotter configuration file. A new plotter configuration file PC3 is created. August 16, at 5:

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You can copy dxn from Xref files without opening the parent file Is there anything out there that can take a view paperspace or modelspace Thanks kmneamul May 16, at 8: On the Begin page, select My Computer. You now have a new2D representation of the model from the original drawing.

July 3, at It was like reading my mind from you. Here are the steps:. Readers autoacd my books often ask me how to convert a 3D drawing into a 2D drawing — either to simplify dimensioning or for presentation purposes.


Locate and choose the file you created and click Open.

I will try that if not today then tomorrow for sure because I get request from my old customer to do exactly that. Andreea June 11, at 1: When I try to solprof 3d objects in a large file autocav only have a couple of layers turned on unfrozena PH and PV layer is not created.

Creates a Windows MetaFile. May 6, at 2: We have our workflow Depending on what software you are using to create your current layout, auotcad an easy thing to do.

To configure a plotter driver for DXB file output

January 29, at How to convert my drawing from 2d to 3d at auto cad 15? Name the command that convert the 3d into 2d in Auto CAD? If you want a hidden view, select the viewport itself the border.

Does anyone have a fix for this. That way you can create a aautocad dumb dwg file from all the contents of selected layout. Xrefs, Xclips, Dynamic blocks, Wipeouts etc. You have now finished the setting up of dx DXB plotter.


On the Ports page, select Plot to File. Converting 3D drawings into 2D drawings.

CAD Forum – How can I plot/export DXB files?

JJ November 14, at 7: When the drawing is open, save the drawing as a DWG format file. October 14, at 8: Dxbb 16, at 8: The only way I have found to create 2D.

June 21, at I’m sure everyone has experienced this at one time in their CAD career Tim Nafziger November 12, at