The M and C have been tested. Acquisition time is the same. KStars You need at least version 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Three tools need to be set up to use the camera:

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Atik The Atik GP should work, but is untested.

The image below shows a spectrum of Spica taken on 14th June. It seems linux driver doesn’t turn the amp of or sth like that My camera is Atik L without plus. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Supported Cameras

In theory all cameras supported by the Linux V4L2 interface should work. Posted January 4, edited.

INDI supports many wheels list. Many are handled by Linux too.

Posted September 9, edited. Mallincam If a camera is supported on Linux using Mallincam Lite, then oacapture can use the same libraries to support the same cameras. M81 Bode’s Galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Major imaged It seems there is a huge difference in images taken with Windows driver coming from Atik and Linux drivers:.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Many devices not listed below are supported by the INDI distributed abstraction layer.

Chilterns Astronomer: Using libINDI with an Atik camera on Linux

The latest version 0. Hi Steve, Sorry about the late reply — I didn’t notice your comment! Posted by Thomas Morris at Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Any idea where this might come from?

I can’t compare it with MaxIm for example, but I heard some people noticed that. Only thing is software costs someone something.

Hardware compatibility list

Other Imaging Source cameras may work, but no caamera have been tested. Not keen on indi personally but it does support SX too on mac. Main page Hardware compatibility Recent changes Projects: Although I may be biased!

It is based on a client-server model using XML to pass commands between the client for example KStars and a server which interacts with the Ccamera device such as a camera. Fun project for a rainy weekend? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


KStars, which contains a module named Ekos for image capture. Linux kernel sources links: It has the new screw-on DC power lead.

Hardware compatibility list – FreeAstro

Automatic abort and resumption of exposure tasks if guiding errors exceed a user-configurable value. This will be implemented in a future release.

If a camera is supported on Linux using Altair Capture then oacapture can use the same libraries to support the same cameras. Comprising of 12 x s subs using an ED80 with a 0.