The bridge facilitates the design of Endpoints and Root Ports that include Platform Designer components. This parameter is set to allow system configuration software to read the acceptable latencies for all devices in the system and the exit latencies for each link to determine which links can enable Active State Power Management ASPM. Testbench for PCI Express. Added restriction on the use of dynamic transceiver reconfiguration when CvP is enabled. The following encodings are defined:.

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Cyclone V Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

For other package types, the CvP functionality is in the bottom right block. Refer to the Test Driver Module for a detailed description.

The timeout range aaltera selectable. Creating a System with Qsys. Sets the Max Payload Size to the value that the Endpoint supports because the Root Port supports the maximum payload size. For all other functions this field is reserved and must be hardwired to 0xb. The Related Information provides links to all versions.

Specify the parameters listed in the following table. In this case, bits[ You can disable interrupts by leaving reclnfig interrupt signal unconnected in the IRQ column of Platform Designer. CvP Programming Control Register. This variant is targeted for systems that require simple read and write register accesses from recongig host CPU. Reserved Prefetchable Base Upper 32 Bits. To thoroughly test your application, Intel suggests that you obtain commercially available PCI Express verification IP and tools, or do your own extensive hardware testing, or both.


IMX6-CycloneV interface description

Message TLPs use the mappings shown for four dword headers. The core bitstream contains the data to program the FPGA fabric.

Unsupported read requests generate a completer abort response. This bus includes the following bits: It is 0 for Endpoints. Then, turn off the MSI Enable bit. Number of External Reconfiguration Controller Interfaces. While processing a read request, the RX block deasserts the ready signal until the TX block sends the corresponding completion packet to the reconfog IP block.

You can use these parameters to enhance performance by running at a higher frequency for latency optimization or at a lower frequency to save power. This error occurs when a CRC verification fails. Uncorrectable Error Severity Register.

Cyclone V Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

Although there is inevitable overlap between these two purposes, this document should be used in conjunction with an understanding of the PCI Express Base Specification.

The following encodings are defined:. Mask for configuration errors detected in CvP mode. PME pending Bit When you instantiate the Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller, you must specify the required Number of reconfiguration interfaces as the following figure illustrates.


Preliminary support —the IP core is verified with preliminary timing models for this device family. The bits have the following meanings:.

IMX6-CycloneV interface description – ArmadeusWiki

From the ModelSim transcript window, in the testbench directory type the following commands: Uncorrectable Error Mask Register. Nevertheless, maintaining maximum throughput of completion data packets is important.

The following table shows how to use those offsets. The Select File dialog box appears.