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The first ever comprehensive study into the sale of ivory , rhino horn in Australian , New Zealand auction houses has found trade of the product still takes.

President Barack Obama announced new measures to stem the ivory trade on Saturday, including a ban on the interstate sale of most ivory.

Jan 04, 2018 DAR ES SALAAM Xinhua The government of Tanzania , conservation organizations on Wednesday hailed China s decision to end ivory trade. An Education Website About Endangered Species , the Efforts to Save Them.

Why the 1979 there were an estimated 1 3 million African elephants A decade later, widespread poaching had reduced that figure by more than half. Haunting new photos reveal secret elephant graveyard discovered in the heart of Africa where illegal ivory trade is booming Photographer who found the bodies fears.

The Elephant Trade Information System commonly known as ETIS is the CITES mandated tool to track illegal trade in elephant ivory , other elephant products. Worldwide concern over the decline of the elephant led to a complete ban on the ivory trade in 1990 Elephants have been placed on Appendix I of CITES, the Convention.

Etymology The wordelephant" is based on the Latin elephasgenitive elephantis elephant which is the Latinised form of the Greek ἐλέφαςelephas. China s complete ban on ivory trade went into effect on Sunday The buying , shop , vendor is now illegal across., selling of elephant ivory , goods by any market Feb 18, tons of confiscated ivory in Malaysia in December Photo by Elizabeth John of Traffic Thousands of Tusks for Chinese Medicine.

Netflix documentaryThe Ivory Game" exposes the dark underworld of the ivory trade , Beijing s role in shaping the destiny of these animals.

Jan 01, ., it is doing so without a once thriving facet of its economy: the ivory trade The country s ban on the domestic sale , 2018 As China steps into the new year New restrictions on the ivory trade designed to createa near complete ban" on the commercial sale of African elephant ivory in the U S were announced Tuesday by. Among the study s findings, San., the authors show a marked decline in elephant ivory available for sale in the top three US markets of a decade ago: New York City China has reportedly imported more than 30 wild caught elephant calves from Zimbabwe in a controversial if not cynical move which took place on the very day Chi.

Oct 05, 2016 Newsround s guide to how the ivory trade is having a devastating impact on the number of elephants in the world. Ivory is a hard, white material from the tuskstraditionally elephant s) , teeth of animals, consists mainly of., that can be used in art

Trade in elephant ivory. The Images of elephant s tusks are seen on a screen as WWF Japan held a press conference at Foreign Press Center in Tokyo, 2017., Wednesday, Dec 20

Jan 05, ending a decade of merciless poaching for their ivory tusks Ten years ago, legal trade in elephant., should be a better year for the African elephant All the information you need to now about elephant tusks Ivory tusks are a blessing , curse for elephants give the elephant a majesty over other animals as well as. Sep 02, Rhino HornThis is the year of the elephant in California., 2015 California Passes Sweeping Ban On Elephant Ivory Dec 30, 2016 China s decision gives wildlife protection advocates hope that the threatened extinction of certain elephant populations in Africa can be averted.

Ivory in China is traded in thewhite black andgray” markets White legal factories , outlets increased from 40 in 2004 to 182 in 2013

WildAid is Working to End the Illegal Wildlife Trade in our Lifetime Join us.

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Canadian walrus and narwhal ivory is available for sale as whole tusks or pieces of varying sizes and shapes.

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