I just need the flyback transformer simulation model can you mail me?????? It works great and no parts get hot. Is it the transistors or what? If you have any additional questions about the ZVS driver, please ask them in that article and not this for the 2n driver. October 12, at November 26, at

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It sounds like a over voltage protection, when you suddenly remove the heavy load the voltage rises faster than the supply can regulate and it shuts itself down. I built this driver using an MJE and a 0.

The best way is to use a defined set of spheres, knowing the air pressure and humidity and measure the spark length between them, this way it properly the easiest and most accurate way for amateurs to measure high voltage with out expensive equipment. Keeping the electrodes just far enough apart for no spark to jump, a beautiful corona breakout is visible.

2n flyback driver | Simple 2n transistor based flyba… | Flickr

I finally bothered to set up a couple of server power supplies in series to try this circuit at 24V. October 10, at July 17, at Now the arc between the pins is continuous, thick and white, which renders the thing flybak. I wonder what material would be more suitable for isolation? Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use.


Have you read the other comments on this page, others have also tried their luck with similar transistors.

June 6, at Hey ntoskrnl This circuit is only meant for low power continues run, as you have experienced, taking this up in power will also dissipate a lot of power in switching losses due to the very inefficient self-resonant driving flybacck the MOSFET. I have built your driver as closely as I could with parts from RadioShack but I flybac get any spark. November 21, at As strange as it sounds this design is more flexible that it appears superficially.

The diode and capacitors protects the transistor from high voltage transients that will eventually kill your transistor. July 7, at However the PSU turns off as soon as I attach the flyback driver. This is a very simple and cheap circuit to achieve around 20 kV high voltage, but where it excels in glyback it lacks a lot in stability and efficiency.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It sounds like your PSU is shutting down due to overcurrent.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Is it a flyback? There is also a push-pull version of this driver, more on that can be found following this link: June 7, at Perhaps some added capacitance on the output of the power supply could even the spikes out. August clyback, at March 2, at The small TO transistor must be efficiently heat-sinked — yet is does not appear to warm up at 5 amps and 18v.

September 22, at Hi, I have some issues with this circuit or any other circuit not working with my transformer.

The circuit now pulls around 3A at 12V. November 17, at Proudly powered by WordPress. Unfortunately it turns out that some sort of protection in flybafk power supplies is kicking in as they occasionally shut down, typically when the arc breaks.